Helen Campbell

Company & Contact Details

  • Helen Campbell
  • Coach_Mentor
  • Tel: 07867 506045
  • LinkedIn: Helen Campbell

Specialist Areas

  • Developmental coaching – looking at the whole person for personal and professional growth.
  • Leadership coaching – for leaders where they have a crucial role in the success of the University. Consider behaviours and learning styles to improve individual and team performance.
  • Skills and Performance coaching – learning how to do something better and useful for career development.
  • Mentoring – Personal development and confidence building


I currently hold a Student Record Manager role at Sheffield Hallam University and being naturally keen on personal and professional development allows me to consider the development needs of my team, for them to maximise their potential in whatever way is best for them. I am also a coach and mentor at Sheffield Hallam University. All three roles keep my coaching and mentoring skills and knowledge up-to-date for use as a professional coach outside of work.

I take a relational coaching approach which means that I build a trusting relationship with my coachee, giving them time in a safe space to explore their story and to encourage them to consider their personal and professional development for lasting growth. This may include challenge when appropriate but also give insight to identify opportunities.

I am an active listener, take a non-directive approach and believe that by working collaboratively with my coachee, they can come up with their own solutions and be excited about their future. Together we can also look at what is going on in the background – the unconscious, in order to improve self-awareness and take a solution focussed approach in order to confidently set goals when ready to do so.

On a personal note – I am learning to sew and I enjoy running.


MSc Coaching and Mentoring, Sheffield Hallam University, October 2016


3 Shires Coaching Network

Sheffield Hallam University Coaching and Mentoring Research Days

Professional Memberships

European Coaching and Mentoring Council member (EMCC) (pending)


“Helen allowed me the space to think about management theories that I might apply as well as practical ideas. Helen also challenged me to reflect more on my own behaviours and practices. This is something I know that I struggle with, so having someone to ask questions about my reactions, my emotions and what I could change was very valuable.”

Anon, Sheffield University

“A safe place to discuss issues that were about improving my performance, without being directly performance related – about growth.”

Anon, Sheffield Hallam University