Member Profiles

Here you will find brief details of our members with a link to read more detailed information about each one (where on Level 2 or 3 membership), including experience, specialist areas and qualifications.

Members with Group Roles

screenshot-2016-09-14-09-52-02Debbie Inglis (Chair)

Specialist Education Coach & Mentor

UK & International Coaching Skills Trainer

Leadership Skills & Wellbeing Trainer

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Claire Cahill (Treasurer)

Personal Performance Coach

Corporate & Executive Coach

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David McCormick (Mentoring Co-ordinator & Librarian)

Life Purpose & Balance

Interpersonal Skills

Communication, Change & Conflict

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Level 3 Members

Beverley Powell

Leadership and Organisational Development

Stakeholder Engagement

Presentations / Facilitation

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Kevin Hill

Life Coaching for Kids and Teens

Suicide Intervention Coaching

Coaching Skills Training

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Rachel Ferla

Digital Skills

Productivity and Work Life Balance

Project Management Mentoring

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Rebecca Norton


Work / Life Balance

Coaching / Wellbeing Walks and Retreats

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Sue Sanford

Management and Leadership Coaching

Personal Change and Wellbeing Coaching

Small Business Coaching and Mentoring for Women

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Sue Walker

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Simon Seligman

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Level 2 Members

Audrey Benjamin

Stress Management

Mental Wellbeing

Personal Development

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David Revuelta David photo

Executive Career Coach

Leadership Skills Training Courses

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Helen Campbell

Developmental Coaching

Leadership Coaching


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Nicky Valantine

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 Level 1 Members

Screenshot 2016-06-12 12.32.15

Sandra Greatorex

Redundancy / Employability

Transformation / Career

screenshot-2016-09-14-09-28-40Tony Leake


Stress Management

Personal Development Coach

Wendy photoWendy Gore 

Personal Development Coach