On this page you’ll find 2 types of events:

  • 3 Shires Workshops – an addition to the monthly meetings
  • Events & Courses run by Level 3 members – see individual events here for who they are aimed at

3 Shires Workshops

This is the latest addition to our CPD offering for members and visitors. Plus, we will be opening these events out to anyone with an interest in the topics we cover. Whole day events will have a business and personal development structure:

  • Morning session – a focus on business development (including setting up and/or growing your business, and tips & strategies for developing your effectiveness in the workplace)
  • Afternoon session – a focus on you! Topics will include those which focus on your wellbeing and general personal development

Evening events will just have one focus, either business or personal development.

See our Workshops page for the latest information about our upcoming whole-day workshops.

Member Events & Courses

Members at Level 3 can advertise their events here!

Rebecca Norton – Sense of Direction

Better You Workshop: “How to Make Time for Everything”

Identify where you spend your time and regain control. Plus, learn tools to make more effective use of your time and create positive changes … and more!

Read more here

Claire Cahill – Accendo Coaching

Workshop: “Discover Your Inner Confidence”

Find out what your inner confidence looks, feels and sounds like, learn techniques to deal with anxiety and say goodbye to negative self-talk, and much more!

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Debbie Inglis – Square Two Development Ltd

“Coaching Skills Training for Schools”

A range of courses available including a 4-day ILM L5 accredited course

Read more here

screenshot-2016-10-24-17-07-54Kevin Hill – Great Kids Life Coach

Online Coaching Course

Appropriate particularly for those working with children and teenagers

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