Membership Options

People group around Join Us invitation for social or business weFollowing our experience of being members, as well as running the 3 Shires group, we’ve created 3 Membership Options which we believe cater for a range of needs and priorities. We’re sure you’ll find one that will suit you!


Cost: £8, payable before the meeting where possible. Alternatively you can pay on the night.

Attendance: As a visitor, you are welcome to attend up to 3 meetings before we ask you to join us, taking on one of the following 3 membership options.

Visitor Bonus: All visitors are offered a free coaching session from one of our qualified and experienced coaches!

Level 1 Membership

Cost: £5 per meeting, payable up to 7 days in advance

Attendance: We ask that you make a commitment to attend at least 3 meetings over a rolling 12 month period.

Additional benefit

Level 2 Membership

Cost: £30 per year, payable in advance

Attendance: You can attend a maximum of 6 meetings during the 12 months following your payment. This can then be renewed after 6 visits, or a different membership option taken.

Additional benefit

  • A full member profile on the 3 Shires website (including links to your website, social media accounts, etc)

Level 3 Membership

Cost: £50 per year, payable in advance

Attendance: Includes all meetings in the 12 month period following your payment, plus one Collaboration Day.

Additional benefits

  • A full member profile on the 3 Shires website (as Level 2)
  • An option to post blogs / articles on the website (with relevant links to your website)
  • An option to promote your own events on the 3 Shires website

Interested in coming along as a visitor, or taking up one of the membership options? 

… then contact us here or complete the contact form below.

We’re looking forward to meeting and welcoming you!