Management Committee

Our Group Goals for the next 12 months:

  1. To attain an average attendance of 10 per meeting.
  2. To trial and review a mentoring session for coaches in training.
  3. To have a mix of speakers (3), coaching triads (3) and workshops during the year.

Meet The 3 Shires Management Team for 2017-18


Chair: Debbie Inglis

I’m delighted once again to have been re-elected as Chair for the next 12 months. We’ve achieved a lot as a group over the last year, with 2 of our 3 goals achieved, and the 3rd has been incorporated into this year’s first goal.

We had our first Business & Personal Development Workshop in February this year, and our next is in June. This initiative of offering more for our members other than our regular meetings is proving successful, and we’ll continue to review this and listen to what members want. This will include offering a mentoring session for coaches in training (whichever coaching company/organisation they are training with). Look out for more information on this in our newsletters (sign up here if you’re not yet receiving these), and on our Facebook Group page.

There are lots of opportunities for personal, CPD and business growth at The 3 Shires, so why not come along to see how we can help you. Whatever your coaching role, or level of coaching experience, we’d love to welcome you to our group.  Come along and see how we can help / support you, and we always welcome feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve. Hope to see you soon!

Treasurer: Claire Cahill

I’m delighted to be re-appointed as Treasurer of The 3 Shires Coaching Group for the next 12 months. The last year has absolutely flown by and I am delighted that we had so many visitors come to the meetings and then join on one of our membership options. This was one of the goals that I set as the Treasurer and I’m delighted to have achieved it!

The challenge for the next 12 months is to work with the management committee to agree how we can invest the membership further so that the group can continue to grow and utilise their CPD to maximum effect. All ideas from the whole group are welcome, the more suggestions the better. I would also like to see the group collaborating more with other coaching groups in the community so that we can utilise our skills and learn from others so that local businesses can learn more about how valuable coaching is in the community. Here’s to another productive and exciting 12 months.

Librarian: David McCormick

Although not officially part of the Management Committee, the role of Librarian is an important one! David is currently volunteering to do this role for the short term, and we’re always looking for other volunteers to take on this role for 2 or more months (whatever you can offer).

Contact us if you’d like to help out with this role.