Management Committee

Our Group Goals for the next 12 months:

1. To increase our membership by at least 8
2. To increase our meeting attendance by 50%
3. To run a 3 Shires CPD Workshop in November 2016 (topic to be decided in July)

Meet The 3 Shires Management Team for 2016-17


Chair: Debbie Inglis

I’m delighted once again to have been re-elected as Chair for the next 12 months. We’re now in our 3rd year as a Management Committee, and have just doubled in size as we’ve welcomed 2 new MC members – Sandra and Tony. See their roles below.

There’s a definite strength in numbers, not just for our MC team, but for the 3 Shires Group as a whole, which is why increasing our numbers is one of our Group’s Goals for the next 12 months, as listed above. We’re also planning to host workshops in the future, in addition to our regular meetings, starting with the first one in November. Look out for details in our newsletters and on the Meetings & Events page here.

There are lots of opportunities for personal, CPD and business growth at The 3 Shires, so why not come along to see how we can help you. Whatever your coaching role, or level of coaching experience, we’d love to welcome you to our group.  Come along and see how we can help / support you, and we always welcome feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve. Hope to see you soon!

Treasurer: Claire Cahill

I’m delighted to be re-appointed as Treasurer of The 3 Shires Coaching Group for the next 12 months. The last year has absolutely flown by and I am delighted that we had so many visitors come to the meetings and then join on one of our membership options. This was one of the goals that I set as the Treasurer and I’m delighted to have achieved it!

The challenge for the next 12 months is to work with the management committee to agree how we can invest the membership further so that the group can continue to grow and utilise their CPD to maximum effect. All ideas from the whole group are welcome, the more suggestions the better. I would also like to see the group collaborating more with other coaching groups in the community so that we can utilise our skills and learn from others so that local businesses can learn more about how valuable coaching is in the community. Here’s to another productive and exciting 12 months.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 12.32.15Marketing Co-ordinator: Sandra Greatorex

I am pleased to have been appointed as Marketing Co-ordinator of The 3 Shires Coaching Group for the next 12 months.  The role will allow me to continue what I have already been doing, spreading the word about the group to coaches, hypnotherapists or anyone interested in personal development.

Over the next year I would like to see the group grow with more visitors and members benefiting from the interesting topics and speakers that help with everyone’s CPD. The energy that visitors come with to the group supports the development of the group and makes it interesting for existing members. For new coaches doing their training, the coaching triads particularly help them to practice their skills in a safe environment.


Secretary & Events Co-ordinator: Tony Leake

I’ve been a member of 3 Shires for around 2 years now and have gained so much from the group that I’m very happy to be able to give something back.

One of the strengths of the group has always been the quality of the speakers who have attended our meetings. I’d love to continue that tradition, and if it’s possible, expand it by bringing in speakers with a even more diverse range of subjects. I’m always open to suggestions from our members of topics that they would like to see covered and I will try to find someone wherever possible.

If you would be interested in presenting to the group, I’d be delighted to hear from you too.

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