3 Shires Authors’ Page

We’re becoming a group of authors!

We have one book already published (see below), and two coming out in the autumn. Watch this space for updates.

3 Shires Published Books

Group Member: Claire Cahill

“Empowering Employee Engagement: How to ignite your team for peak performance”


In this book, Claire Cahill offers business and team leaders a unique process for raising the performance of their staff using a coaching based method called the Ignite Programme. By implementing a range of carefully selected coaching skills and tools, Claire shows how any leader can bring about fundamental change within an unengaged or dysfunctional team.

Empowering Employee Engagement reveals the combination of theory, case study and methodology used during a 12 week experiment to take nine individuals from disempowered to engaged. It shows the approaches, strategies, tools and methods used to bring about change for both the individual team members, the business as a whole and for Claire herself.

As such, this book forms an open case study and management guide for any team leader or business manager wanting to bring about significant changes in team and business performance.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Bringing the team together
  • Chapter 2 – To Change or not to change
  • Chapter 3 – Understanding Self and Others
  • Chapter 4 – Values and Beliefs
  • Chapter 5 – Goals and Vision
  • Chapter 6 – Success Stories
  • Chapter 7 – Next Steps

Publication Date – Now available to buy on Amazon (Published – December 2016)


For more information about the book, please email Claire Cahill at Claire@accendocoaching.co.uk 

About the Author

Claire Cahill is the founder of Accendo Coaching, she specialises in unlocking employee’s true potential by taking them on a journey of self discovery using a range of tools and techniques. She has a wealth of experience as a leader and coach, inspiring all those around her. Having worked in financial services for over 20 years in a branch and call centre environment she has experienced many changes and has helped numerous employees to embrace change and view change as an opportunity for success. Claire can be contacted at http://www.accendocoaching.co.uk

Group Member: Sandra Greatorex

Your Choice Cover - Front“Your Choice, Your Future: A Step-by-Step Workbook for Making Choices to Create Your Future”


  • Are you worried about your future?
  • Are you concerned you are not going to get a job?
  • Does your mind go blank when people ask you what you want to do?
  • Would you like some support in helping you make the right decisions?

This is a step-by- step workbook aimed at young people who are going to have to make decisions and choices about their future, such as deciding on the subjects to take at school and what they may want to do when they leave school.

This book uses practical exercises to enable you to consider the choices you have in order to explore and create the future you want.

Take responsibility for your life; start now by purchasing a copy of Your Choice, Your Future a Step-By- Step Workbook

£9.95 + £2 p & p