Coaching in Organisations is not a Luxury

We live in a time of unprecedented change with increasing demands upon our time and energy. The workplace is also evolving rapidly, requiring workers to keep improving their skills and knowledge. These expectations and demands need to be managed to reduce the levels of stress and capitalise on the new opportunities.


Behind every high performing sports team is a coach. It is little wonder that top performing organisations adopt the same approach and have coaches raise their performance in order to move beyond mediocrity.

So what do coaches do? 

Good coaches provide the opportunity for people to move from where they are to where they want to go, more quickly and with focused support. An employee or leader’s performance can be greatly enhanced through assessing behaviour and skills, and learning new techniques and attitudes.

Is the cost of coaching worth the time and effort in a time of austerity?

Research in the US and UK has consistently shown that well-structured coaching has been a major factor in increasing the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. Actually cutting costs in developing people’s skills can be short-sighted and limit an organisation’s capacity to take on new challenges.

Good coaching does not just happen in any organisation. It requires proper thinking, implementation and supervision. The results demonstrate the value.

Posted by Gerard Pontier

Would love to hear your thoughts on experiencing or delivering coaching in organisations, and how it’s impacted positively on performance! Feel free to leave your comments below (Deb – Ed.) 

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